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Popper Sandwich


Pork Belly with Smoked Cream Cheese, Bacon, and Pickled Jalapeños. Choice of 1 Free Sauce.

Size:Regular Extra Large +$1.99
Substitutions:SUB: Pulled Pork SUB: Pulled Chicken SUB: Pork Belly SUB: Sliced Hot Link SUB: Sliced Linguica SUB: Burnt Ends +$1.99SUB: Chopped Brisket +$1.99SUB: Sliced Brisket +$1.99
Toppings?:TOPPING: Pickles and Onions +$0.50TOPPING: House-Pickled Jalapeños +$0.50TOPPING: Coleslaw +$0.50TOPPING: Vinegar Slaw +$0.50TOPPING: Scallions +$0.50TOPPING: Crispy Onions +$1TOPPING: Bacon Crumbles +$1TOPPING: Mac & Cheese +$1TOPPING: Smoked Cheddar +$1TOPPING: Smoked Cream Cheese +$1TOPPING: Sliced Kielbasa +$1.99TOPPING: Sliced Hot Link +$1.99
Add Sides?:Coleslaw +$2.99Vinegar Slaw +$2.99Kettle Chips Sea Salt +$2.99Lay's BBQ Potato Chips +$2.99Mac and Cheese +$2.99Mac and Cheese TOPPED WITH BACON +$3.99BBQ BEANS with Pork +$2.99BBQ BEANS with PORK TOPPED WITH SMOKED CHEDDAR +$3.49Potato Salad +$2.99Potato Salad TOPPED WITH BACON +$3.993 Deviled Eggs +$2.99Cornbread +$2.99Sweet Potato Mash +$2.99
Choice of One Free Sauce:Kansas City Spicy Kansas City Lexington Georgia Carolina Gold
Extras:Pickles and Onions ON THE SIDE +$0.50House-Pickled Jalapeños ON THE SIDE +$0.50Crispy Onions ON THE SIDE +$1Extra Kansas City Sauce(2oz cup) +$0.50Extra Spicy KC Sauce(2oz Cup) +$0.50Extra Lexington(2oz Cup) +$0.50Extra Georgia(2oz Cup) +$0.50Extra Carolina Gold(2oz Cup) +$0.50