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Minnix about 9 hours ago

Pulled Pork

Humboldt Smokehouse is most definitely a place I would call a treasure of the redwood coast. It took years after I moved here to find it and, once I did, I was hooked. They do an amazing brisket, succulent pulled pork, and a wide variety of so many other wonderful smoked meats and sides that you can always try something new when you go and change it up without feeling like you'll be disappointed.

Jp 3 days ago

Kansas City Sandwich

Delicious sandwich! Burnt ends done right. Great flavor paired well with smoked Mac and cheese. Need I say more? Wonderful sauce selection to really bring out some of the different flavors of regional BBQ! 10 out 10 recommend

Lindaloi0105 5 days ago

Burnt Ends

They're tender, juicy, have a bit of a springy/bouncy bite, just slightly sweet, and very satisfying. I cannot recommend it enough!

Mike 14 days ago

Burnt Ends

The item hidden behind its name is absolutely delicious. Burnt Ends who would have thought or expected the juiciness and flavor found in this exceptional product. I have had the Burnt Ends in a burrito, as the main meat on my plate with the Potato salad also from the Smokehouse. Never once have I been disappointed with the Burnt Ends. My brother in law was coming down from Eugene to visit a few days. Called me to say make sure I ordered dinner from the Smokehouse the day they were arriving! The order; Burnt Ends,Brisket,Pulled Pork,Potato salad, and dont forget the Coleslaw!!! We ordered enough for two nights dinners and enough extra Burnt Ends to make a dutch oven full of extra special beans! You will love the Barbecue from Humboldt Smokehouse!

Gerdbear08 19 days ago

Kansas City Sandwich

It's heaven in a sandwich. So tender and so good. The bbq sauce is unbelievable. Absolute win for your palate.

Chrissy 20 days ago

Cadillac Burrito

I get this every time I go and I'm so glad I was able to have it delivered without contact during the pandemic. It had jalapeños even though I requested none, like I always do, but I picked them off and survived. I will continue ordering this forever. Delicious!

Vaughnjessica77 22 days ago

Kids Sandwich

I absolutely love Humboldt smokehouse When someone ask where is the best place to eat No lie I tell them HSH Wanting to get some good pork and smoked chicken for my wedding next Saturday Would be an awesome wedding gift I won it

Krw734 about 1 month ago

Kansas City Sandwich

The burnt end Kansas City Sandwich is to die for! The meat melts in your mouth and the crisp bits of bacon are like the icing on the cake. Get a side of poppers with it- you won't be disappointed!

Jacki08728 about 1 month ago

Cadillac Burrito

This is my husband's go to sandwich here,one of my favoritesas well. Everytime we order anything from the smokehouse we are not disappointed. Whenever friends or family are in town this is a must! We would recommend Humboldt Smokehouse hands down everytime.

Charles. about 1 month ago

Cadillac Burrito

Expect a smile to spread across your face.

Charles about 1 month ago

Burnt Ends

The best burnt ends I've had outside of Kansas City, fact. Let everyone keep their brisket slices I'll take those crispy saucy morsels of meat any day. I work down the street and HSH is one of the dopest lunch spots in Eureka, and for sure the best BBQ spot.

A about 1 month ago

Mac & Cheese

Bomb Smokey creamy Mac!! I ask them to put it in my burrito Soooo bomb

Tinytanguera about 1 month ago

Burnt Ends

Im addicted to these burnt ends. I cannot get less than a pound at a time. They sing sweet siren songs from their container, and i must heed their call.

Julie about 1 month ago

Mac & Cheese

I don't know what the "secret technique" is, but this is everything you want in mac n cheese. Super creamy, super cheesy and totally satisfying.

Julie about 1 month ago

BBQ Beans with Pork

delicious. I make homemade baked beans for special occasions, and these are just as good if not better. Cooked slow and low with the perfect blend of seasonings.

Kenny about 1 month ago

Burnt Ends

Grabbed a pound and a couple sides also smoked peppers with cheese and bacon

Devra 1 day ago

Sweet Potato Mash

Best BBQ I have had since moving here from North Carolina. Loved the chopped Brisket and sweet potato mash. I will be a regular! Thank you

Erin 4 days ago

Pork Belly

This is The MOST amazing pork belly I have ever had!!! Super moist, tender and fatty all in one bite, and insanely flavorful!! The meat basically falls apart and melts in your mouth, and the spicy Kansas bbq sauce is perfect for it. The seasoning is on point, and all the sides are fantastic as well, and compliment the BBQ perfectly.It brings me a great sense of nostalgia of eating slow cooked pork belly with my parents growing up. Love it!!! :)

Rifron 8 days ago

Two Meat Plate

Comparing this meat candy to the pretenders who simply grill their meats is like saying a Pinto and a Ferrari are the same cars. I drive 6 hours to work in Eureka and this is by far and away the best real BBQ around, better than anything in SF or Sac. The brisket is soft, sweet, and has a delectable crunch as the seasoning is crusted over after hours on the smoker. I have a smoker myself and can't begin to compare to the magic that these guys make. The pork belly is also to die for and if Saracha Bacon is available it too is a must. Spicy and sweet it is unreal. Don't sleep on the beans either, big chunks of meat in there. Amazing.

Bryan 15 days ago

Cadillac Burrito

This is a pure treat! Hearty portions of delectable bbq, multiple meats, with a hint of spice with the jalapeno perfectly countered with the cream cheese. May require a hammock for relaxation upon devouring this burrito!

Robbin 19 days ago

Burnt Ends

i moved to arcata from texas a year ago and my may visit was my first time to any barbecue restaurant. I had pulled chicken, pulled pork, and burnt ends. the food was fabulous! i'm so happy to have found this place. i can't wait to go back-----when the burnt ends are back on the menu.....or when barbecue turkey is served!

Llperata 21 days ago

Chopped Brisket

I had burnt ends and chicken 2 combo meal my wife had chicken Mac bowl and spicy slaw both were excellent. Or go to restaurant discovered during shelter in place Excellent Food and Service. Lenny P

Victor 23 days ago

Memphis Sandwich


Sherry about 1 month ago

Baby Back Ribs

Honestly the best rubs in Humboldt county. I've tried every place that offers ribs, and these are the best. Thank you

Charles. about 1 month ago

Deviled Eggs

Oh so good!

Kelly about 1 month ago

One Meat Plate

I am from southern Georgia and have looked for a good BBQ place around here for 2 years. I finally tried Eureka Smokehouse and was so surprised. Bet BBQ I've had since leaving Georgia. I will be a regular customer from now on. Best around hands down!!!

Heyybill2 about 1 month ago

Baby Back Ribs

Wow. Absolutely The Best. Forget Applebee's.

Colin about 1 month ago

One Meat Plate

Best BBQ Brisket in 'Boldt. Also I don't understand how their mac and cheese can sit out for like thirty minutes, but still be warm and creamy and delicious. And I don't care. I love their sorcerous mac and cheese. I rate this restaurant 5 burnt ends out of 5

Julie about 1 month ago

Deviled Eggs

Being an Alabama girl, I make deviled eggs all the time. Do I add crispy bacon to the top? No. Am I super happy that these guys do? YES! This bite is everything.

Julie about 1 month ago

Potato Salad

Just like my mama's potato salad in the Deep South - the celery and pickles are diced just right for a perfect bite.

Julie about 1 month ago

Sweet & Sticky Baby Back Ribs

just had these for the first time tonight, and OMG!! I'm from Alabama and am super picky about my BBQ, but these were delicious. Tender, fall off the bone, great smoke. The sauce is on the sweet side, but I got the Georgia sauce (spicy and vinegary) to accompany them and it made these PERFECT for my Bama taste. My only choice going forward for ribs in Humboldt County.


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